becoming aware

“Know youself”, it is said, as a beginners guide to spiritual growth. The better you know yourself the better your actions with the world are aligned. You are the form, and what you do are are your seeds.

But I think we have come to a time where we need to “know the other” too. Know who WE are, recognise our form and carefully sense what kind of seeds are growing from us, a far more complicated entity than yourself, but still working with same principles.

Knowing yourself is quite challenging, because we do change all the time, with the world, by outer and inner movements. And through that movement we actually find the edges and formations, a stillness would not reveal them. Moving, living in the world, observing that beautiful you, you find who you are – or were one moment ago.

Now how does a group then learn to know itself? By moving and observing. Aha – that’s how we work! Hmm, we just did that, did you notice? We have these qualities, but maybe we need to learn something more? And observing not only the hot middle, the center of action, but also the very subtle edges, the dreamworld, the field of opportunities and paths that are not so obvious, the culture that builds on itself.

Can a group learn to cultivate the edges? The diversity, the unlikely, the enlargening? And still keep the clear aim, the middle hot and affective, so the group holds together?


One thought on “becoming aware

  1. right on Tanja! love your inquiry! how a group learns to know themselves – that i really want to explore some new practices around – to make a group more and more aware about their own ressources and how the system is differentiating out THROUGH the qualities the individuals are bringing to the field. Two weeks ago i did something in that direction with my team as a tool to converge. i want to play more with techniques that transcend the model of “i raise my hand because i have a question/comment” towards the system is forwarding impulses to the strongest pole and you get invited to share something instead of having to raise your hand for it…

    an interesting other thought is that some people identify themselves so much with a group (so they obviously also know much about and from within this group) that their identity would be left quite empty without that group?

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